Women Only Classes

These classes are for women that would feel more comfortable training without the guys. Plan on learning all that martial arts has to offer in order to protect yourself while getting into great shape. You will learn and progress at your own pace and make life long friends along the way.

Adult and teen classes

 Always wanted to train martial arts, trained in the past and looking for a new start?  Wanting to relieve stress, learn fun and exciting skills and get some exercise?  We have a program for you.  Our classes are self - defense based with a heathy dose of fitness. You will learn skills that will help protect you in a threatening situation in an ego free, safe, and clean environment. The students at World Karate work just as hard to help others in their training.  After becoming a martial artist you will find that life's stresses and challenges become much easier.

Kids Phase classes 8 -12 years old

 Your child may be a star academic student and athlete or struggling to find the confidence in any activity, either way you will see a positive improvement in there life as they train in our martial arts program.  We will build a true since of confidence in each student by helping them overcome challenges, not by patting them on the back and rewarding them for just showing up. Each Phase is broken up by belt rank so students can continue to be challenged at greater levels as they progress.

Little Dragons 4 - 7 years old

​ Give your child a tremendous advantage in life. We will work very hard to increase your child's self-confidence, focus, fitness, and positive behavior all while understanding that each student is an individual. The classes are kept fun so that the student learns to enjoy working hard at a young age.

what we offer

​ The martial arts instruction at World Karate is based on a mix of styles. You will learn techniques that come from Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Israeli self-defense, Judo, and Western Boxing. Our classes will build the fitness level of each student individualy over time to reach levels never thought possible. When a student reaches the level of Black Belt we feel it is essential that they have mastered the necessary skills in order to defend themselves in a threatening situation. All of our classes are taught with the idea that the person you are in life must match the integrity of a great martial artist.